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News: January - June 2005

31st May 2005:
Mailing List Service Changed. Re-subscription to News Email required: I have had to change mailing list services, as the old one failed to actually send the emails. If you have previously subscribed to the News Email, please do so again. If you haven't previously subscribed to the News Email, please do so anyway, or you'll miss out.
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25th May 2005:
Introducing the DCOWS News Email: Ever missed important news on your favourite website (i.e. Danny Cox's Official Website)? Subscribe to the new Danny Cox's Official Website News Email, and every two weeks I'll tell you exactly what's been going on! Subscribe to the News Email on the right of most pages (on the main site, or just the home page on Sub-Domains), or by going to the page below, where you'll also find out more about the News Email.
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27th April 2005:
False Alarm... It appears I didn't give it enough time, the forms appear to be working again. Vote in the Quick Poll!
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I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Forms have mysteriously stopped working AGAIN... Certain forms will have red boxes above them, please follow the instructions there until this is sorted. Due to this, all Quick Polls have been cancelled, as they don't work anyway.
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1st April 2005:
1st Quarter 06 Expansion pack confirmed: Maxis has confirmed the expansion pack for The Sims 2 they will be releasing at the beginning of next year. It will give you pets as well as the ability to go on holiday!
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31st March 2005:
New Banner: You can now link to me in style with my new banner! Check it out:

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24th March 2005:
Errors have gone! The problems I've been having with forms on the website have finally stopped! Yay!

11th March 2005:
Happy The Sims 2 University Day! If you're stuck for something to do on this happy day, why not go down to your nearest GAME or other shop and buy a copy? It's the least you can do.
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9th March 2005:
Forms causing problems: I am having problems with forms not working properly at the moment, so don't bother trying to use them!

5th February 2005:
Info on The Sims 2: University and loads of new screenshots: I've added some information on the first The Sims 2 expansion pack to The Sims 2 section's About the Games page, and I've also added some screenshots of The Sims 2: University to the screenshots section, which you'll also find now opens in a new window. There are also 3 new screenshots on The Sims 2 page in the Screenshots section, which shows examples of various points I go over in the About the Games section.
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4th January 2005:

No Dado Rails?! I've created another new wall pack, which is just like Paint Wall Pack 2, without the dado rails:

The Paint Wall Pack 3 also contains a gold wall, which will make that poor persons home look just that little bit more expensive (but can be used anywhere).
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