Issue 56 Monday 26th April 2010

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New preview link, four new screenshots added to “The Sims 3Expansion PacksThe Sims 3 Ambitions

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Changing Your Sims’ Neighborhood, One Job at a Time” blog added to ”The Sims 3Expansion PacksThe Sims 3 Ambitions

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Latest News

Lots of Grant Rodiek discussing Ambitions this issue with both a Q&A with him and an article written by him. Away from Grant, there's also new screenshots of Ambitions, news of a new car download for TS3, and, or course, an extension to the current poll

GameSpot Questions Grant Rodiek On The “Heroic” Careers In Ambitions

GameSpot has posted a new Q&A about the “heroic” careers in The Sims 3 Ambitions with associate producer Grant Rodiek:

GS: How does the medical career go beyond the options in the original game?

GR: Doctors in Ambitions can exit the hospital to save lives during emergencies (such as a woman choking at the bistro), provide free health clinics and inoculations in the community, or provide experimental medicines to the community. Not everything is entirely ethical, but who are we to tell players that?

 > “The Sims 3: Ambitions Updated Q&A – Heroic Careers” at GameSpot

Grant Rodiek Discusses The Heroic Careers In Ambitions, With Three New Screenshots

Private Investigator in The Sims 3 AmbitionsA new article written by Grant Rodiek has been posted on, discussing the more heroic careers in The Sims 3 Ambitions: fire-fighter, private investigator and doctor:

Firefighting was the first career we settled on for The Sims 3 Ambitions. It was such a huge challenge and natural fit for our neighborhoods that there was little discussion on the “why,” though this didn’t solve the issues of the “how.” Fires have always been more of a nuisance in our games, so it was clear from the start that we wanted them to be big, dangerous, frantic – and fun!

Clicking the first link below will take you to the article, but only if your language there is English > United States – you can change the language using the second link, but you’ll probably need to return here afterwards to get to the article (by clicking the first link):
 > “Anybody Can Be a Hero … or Something Along Those Lines” at
 > “Please Select Your Language” at

Renault Car Coming To The Sims 3

Renault Twizy Z.E Concept in The Sims 3The electric Renault Twizy ZE car, as well as some "sustainable environmental items" will soon be available to download for The Sims 3, for free, according to CVG:

The Renault’s Twizy Z.E Concept car will be available this Spring in an ‘Electric Vehicle Pack’ (EVP) with a number of sustainable environmental items including solar panels and a windmill. 

Not only will the EVP ease your Sim’s conscience but also their financial burden by reducing their weekly virtual household bills.

Here’s a couple of short videos that accompanied the announcement:

Go to CVG by clicking below for more screenshots of the Twizy ZE.
 > “The Sims 3 goes all green” at CVG

Current Poll Extended To 1st May

Due to a probable all-time-low number of votes, the current poll, asking whether you have bought or are planning to get The Sims 3 Design & High-Tech Stuff / High-End Loft Stuff, has been extended until 1st May. In the event there’s a massive turnaround and I’ve actually received enough votes by then, that’s the date I’ll reveal the results. Not voted yet? Well why not? Do so now to the right of any page.
 > Go to the website to vote

New Ambitions Screenshots

EA has released another four The Sims 3 Ambitions screenshots, showing someone who doesn’t seem entirely happy with their makeover, some fire fighting action, a private investigator and a doctor:

01.jpg (169665 bytes) 02.jpg (31936 bytes) 03.jpg (38809 bytes) 01.png (640066 bytes)

Screenshots added Friday 16th April and later are new since last issue.
 > View them larger on the screenshots tab

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Current Poll Results
Have you bought or are planning to get The Sims 3 Design & High-Tech Stuff / High-End Loft Stuff?

Well, I still haven't received enough votes for there to be any point posting results here.

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The Sims Unleashed made the neighbourhood about four-times larger. What was the newly-extended neighbourhood called?

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Last issue's quiz question:
The first expansion pack for The Sims 1 had a slightly different name on each side of the Atlantic. What are they?
The answer was Livin' It Up in the UK, Livin' Large in the US

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