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Three new screenshots and a preview link added to ”The Sims 3Expansion PacksThe Sims 3 Late Night

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Barnacle Bay was released, some articles about celebrities in Late Night were published, Fast Lane Stuff was reviewed and featured, and more

Barnacle Bay Released; Costs 1,650 SimPoints

Pirate ship in Barnacle BayBarnacle Bay, a new town for The Sims 3, is now available to purchase from The Sims 3 Store for 1,650 SimPoints:

An island nestled in the Simuyan Sea, Barnacle Bay is a vibrant vacation getaway with stunning beaches, campgrounds, parks, and a curiously modern downtown. First settled by pirates, fisherman, and artists – the world’s inhabitants now enjoy relaxing at Smuggler’s Beach and letting loose at The Wanderer’s Watering Hole. Will Your trip be a vacation or a staycation?

A trailer's been released, which you can watch here:

 > “A New World Awaits – Escape to Barnacle Bay today!” at

Pre-Order Late Night From GameStop And Get “Special Items”

GameStop Late Night pre-order bonusUS retailer GameStop has updated with the bonus content you’ll get for pre-ordering The Sims 3 Late Night:

Pre-order The Sims™ 3 Late Night Expansion Pack today and receive a code to unlock special items. You’ll get two additional locations—a dance warehouse and a local dive bar—plus two new hairstyles to get your Sims ready for a night on the town.

See screenshots of the bonus items by clicking the image in the Bonus box in the page linked below:
 > “The Sims 3 Late Night Expansion Pack - with Bonus!” at GameStop

Current Poll Extended To 2nd October

The current poll, asking whether you think The Sims 3 Late Night sounds like it should end with “Stuff”, has been extended to 2nd October as I haven’t received enough votes to close it yet. The final results will be revealed on that date if I’ve received enough votes by then, though of course you can see the results as they stood when I sent the News Email at the bottom.

Game Blend Reviews Fast Lane Stuff

Game Blend has posted their review of The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff. If you’re hoping to just glance at a rating, they don’t give one, but if you actually want to read about it and view some screenshots, you may want to check it out:

Over all, I’ll be honest and say that not being a huge car fan, I could live without this Stuff Pack. But if you love cars and have been waiting for your Sims to have more options on what they can drive, the Pack delivers.

 > “Review: The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff Pack” at Game Blend

“Producer’s Blog” Details Celebrities In Late Night

The Sims 3 Late Night screenshotA new “Producer’s Blog” has been posted on, focusing on celebrities:

The hills of Bridgeport located on the other side of the town’s famous bridge are dotted with gorgeous, massive mansions filled with celebrities and their odd stories. Your Sim can move into one of these houses and protect it with an electronic gate, or they can stick to one of the expensive high-rise penthouses downtown.

The article contains one new screenshot, which you can also view on the Screenshots tab if you prefer (Thursday 16th September 2010 update).
 > News at (UK)
 > The Sims 3 Late Night screenshots

Apple Features Fast Lane Stuff

As has become standard for new expansion or stuff packs, Apple has now posted their article about The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff:

What’s your Sims’ style? Racing? Intrigue? Rockabilly? Classic Luxury? Maybe Mom goes for Racing, complete with a living room wall display of custom rims, a set of Tuff Gruff Tools in the garage, and a Velocity racer from Simota Motor Sports in the garage. When she isn’t working on her car, a sporty blazer and a nice pair of slacks are perfect for taking a stroll through downtown Sunset Valley with her family.

 > “Take Your Sims For a Spin With Fast Lane Stuff” at Apple

GamesRadar Has A Chat With Grant Rodiek About Celebrities In Late Night

A Sim giving another Sim their autographGamesRadar has posted an exclusive chat with Grant Rodiek, who discusses celebrities in The Sims 3 Late Night:

GR: Why did The Sims team decide to introduce celebrities in Late Night?

Rodiek: Several reasons. Celebrities make for fantastic storytelling – they are hilarious, bizarre, charming, sexy – who doesn’t want to be all of those things. Openness and humor are our trademarks so it’d be a mistake to pass up celebrities.

The article contains two new screenshots, which you can also find on the Screenshots tab if you prefer (Wednesday 15th September 2010 update).
 > “EXCLUSIVE: What it’s like to be a celebrity The Sims 3: Late Night” at GamesRadar
 > The Sims 3 Late Night screenshots

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The Butler will return in The Sims 3 Late Night, but which The Sims 1 expansion pack did he make his debut?

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