Issue 69 Monday 25th October 2010

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Latest Updates
Ten new screenshots, two new videos, a render and two new preview link added to “The Sims 3Expansion PacksThe Sims 3 Late Night” page

Latest News

It's all Late Night this issue with new screenshots, videos, previews, events and more - and expect the first reviews next issue!

10 New Late Night Screenshots

10 new The Sims 3 Late Night screenshots have been released since last issue, six of which you can see here:

The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot The Sims 3 Late Night screenshot

View all 10 of 'em at a more adequate size by clicking below - they're the updates of Friday 15th October 2010, Saturday 23rd October 2010 and Sunday 24th October 2010.
 > The Sims 3 Late Night screenshots

Source for first three images shown: The Sims 3 on Facebook

Late Night US TV Ad Released

The US TV ad for The Sims 3 Late Night has been released. I don’t think there’s much in the way of new game footage in it, but it’s only brief so you’d might as well watch it anyway:

GameSpot Gets A Demo Of Late Night

Grant Rodiek has appeared on GameSpot’s video show Today On The Spot, giving a demo of The Sims 3 Late Night. They’ve posted a video of just the demo, and here it is:

Get Your Hands On Late Night At Four UK Events

Events in four different UK cities have been announced, where the community can get their hands on The Sims 3 Late Night, as well as The Sims 3 on consoles:

  • London on Tuesday 26th October (tomorrow!)
  • Manchester on Wednesday 27th October
  • Edinburgh on Thursday 28th October
  • Cardiff on Friday 29th October

...At least, those were the events announced when I posted this news on the website - looking at the page linked below again, it looks like the events in Edinburgh and Cardiff may have been cancelled. All (both?) the events are between midday and 6 pm. For more details, click through to the appropriate event from the page linked below.
 > The Sims 3 (UK)’s Events on Facebook

Late Night Development Bloopers Released

Four bloopers seen during the development of The Sims 3 Late Night have been posted on Facebook. Here’s two of ‘em:

The Grim Reaper and some ghosts are seen in a band A paparazzi is caught wearing just a towel

View all four images by clicking below to go to the first one, the clicking Next three times to view the others.
 > The Sims 3 Late Night Photo in The Sims 3′s Facebook Profile

Poll Results: Does the title “The Sims 3 Late Night” sound like it should end with “Stuff” to you?

At last the poll has ended and the results are in – it’s quite close, but the majority don’t think The Sims 3 Late Night sounds like it should end with “Stuff”. Click below to view and discuss the full results:
 > Poll Results

Of course, as a poll has ended, a new poll much have begun, and this is the question: Bought The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff yet? Short and sweet. Vote now to the right of any page.
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Late Night Vampire Gameplay Discussed In New Producer’s Blog, Plus New Screenshots

Three vampires force a regular Sim into a cornerA new “Producer’s Blog” has been posted on, focusing this time on vampire gameplay:

Vampires have several powers that set them apart from Sims. They are able to learn skills twice as quickly as normal Sims. They are stronger, smarter, and more creative—and it shows. Vampires also run incredibly quickly, so fast that it creates a blur effect. They can also read minds and force Sims to think of them which, when meeting new Sims,  helps them quickly build relationship levels.

 > News at (Canada)

GameSpot Tries To Become A “Vampire Celebrity Rock Star” In Late Night

GameSpot has posted a new preview in which they try to become a “vampire celebrity rock star”:

Late Night’s vampires, as we’ve discussed in previous coverage, aren’t your average bloodthirsty monstrosities, nor are they the clean-cut, dreamy, sparkly kind that all the young people seem to like these days. In many cases, they’re extremely hip, hard-body sims who hang out at the best clubs and set every non-vampire in the room aquiver (seriously, if you’re in the same room with an unfriendly vampire, you get a negative “moodlet” because of how terrified you are).

 > “The Sims 3: Late Night Updated Hands-On – Star Power, Building the Band, Going Full Vampire” at GameSpot

Digital Spy Previews Late Night

Digital Spy has posted a new preview of The Sims 3 Late Night:

The expansion also sees the franchise jump on to the vampire bandwagon with the ability to turn Sims into blood-sucking citizens. Darker skin shades and red eyes are a dead giveaway if you want to find them in clubs, and there are a number of benefits besides a more evil appearance. Vampires will move quicker than usual, leaving a blur on the screen as they travel, and skills will be developed at a much faster rate.

 > “Preview: ‘The Sims 3: Late Night’” at Digital Spy

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