Issue 74 Monday 3rd January 2011
Clock nearing midnight and glass of bubbly Happy New Year!

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Well, it's just been the Christmas break, so not much has happened. The poll was extended, and that's it.

Current Poll Extended To 8th January

The current poll, asking whether you’ve ever purchased anything from The Sims 3 Store, has been extended due to an unsatisfactory number of votes. The poll will now end with the results revealed on 8th January. Not voted yet? Vote now to the right of any page.
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Have you ever purchased anything (non-free) from The Sims 3 Store?











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During This Fortnight: 2008

I'm struggling to think of quiz questions, so let's try something different: old news, but somewhat interesting in a nostalgic sort of way, as it was posted during the fortnight covered by this issue during an earlier year - like On This Day, but covering a fortnight

Create Sims and Styles in The Sims 3
Saturday 20th December 2008 | 1:31 pm GMT/UTC

Kotaku have got hold of another new trailer for The Sims 3, showing all the different Sims, and all the different styles, you can create:


"Is it just me, or do most Sims in The Sims 3 look a bit... odd?" - Danny

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