Issue 77 Monday 14th February 2011
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Outdoor Living Stuff launches with trailer, screenshot and game update, plus the poll is extended

Current Poll Extended To Monday 21st February

As I haven’t received enough votes to end it yet, the current poll, which asks whether you were given The Sims 3 Late Night for Christmas, has been extended to Monday 21st February. The results will be revealed then – at least, if I’ve received enough votes. If you haven’t voted yet, do it now to the right of any page.
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New The Sims 3 Game Update Allows Poltergeist Haunting Jobs To Complete On Lots With Hot Tubs, More

A new The Sims 3 game update has been released, fixing one issue with Ambitions, and one general issue:

Ambitions Updates

  • The Poltergeist Haunting job will now properly complete when a Ghost Hunter is performing the job on lots containing hot tubs.

General Updates

  • Corrected an issue that prevented launching the game from expansion pack or stuff pack desktop shortcuts for certain computer configurations.

Click Game Updates in the game launcher to install the updates, but not until you’ve followed the all-important checklist, which you can find by clicking below.
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New Outdoor Living Stuff Screenshot Shows Sims Relaxing In Hot Tub

EA has posted another new The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff screenshot on Facebook, this one showing a Sim watching two other Sims relax in a hot tub.
 > Photo from The Sims 3 on Facebook

Outdoor Living Stuff Trailer Released

EA has posted the “launch trailer” for The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff:

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Current Poll Results
Were you given The Sims 3 Late Night for Christmas?

Yep, it's just what I wanted!:


Yes, unfortunately:


No, I don't want Late Night:


No, I bought it - or am going to buy it - myself:


No - I wanted it, but no luck! Hopefully I'll be given it another time:


No - I received it as a present, but for another event:


No - I don't know what "Late Night" is:


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Old Poll Results
Here's the results of the poll that ran between Saturday 23rd February 2008 and Saturday 5th April 2008:

Do you take any notice of reviews on gaming websites etc. when choosing whether to buy a The Sims 2 expansion pack?





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