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Reviews by Video Game Writers, The Gamer Access, New York Post and GamesRadar plus eight new screenshots added to “The Sims 3 / Expansion Packs / The Sims 3 Pets” page

Your Reviews enabled on “The Sims 3 / Expansion Packs / The Sims 3 Pets” page

Latest News

The next stuff pack for The Sims 3 has been announced, we get a look at how Pets was tested, plus more Pets reviews and a new poll

ABC7 Gets A Look Behind The Scenes Of Testing Pets

ABC7 has featured a report on game testing that focused on The Sims 3 Pets. As well as an actual tester discussing his job, the report also features Graham Nardone (or “Mardone” as they think he’s called). Apparently they spent nearly a year testing it! The reporter only talks about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to start with but the bulk of the report is on Pets:

Next Stuff Pack Announced As “Master Suite Stuff”, Out January

Render of someone having a bath in a new item from The Sims 3 Master Suite StuffThe next stuff pack has been announced as The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff. Digital Spy has some details:

The item pack features a number of additions for bedrooms and bathrooms, including new furnishings, four-poster beds and bathtubs.

Items such as candles, roses and vases can then be added as finishing touches for a romantic evening.

Elsewhere, new hairstyles and romantic nightwear will also be available for Sims to try on.

Their article confirms the US release date as 24th January and the European release date as 27th January. If you click through the gallery at the bottom of the article (first link below), you’ll find some screenshots and item renders. Click the second link to view the UK box art.
 > “‘The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff’ pack revealed – Pictures” at Digital Spy
 > UK box art at The Sims 3 (UK) on Facebook

Latest Pets Reviews

The first The Sims 3 Pets review this time comes from Video Game Writers, who rated it three stars out of five:

If you’ve been dying to let your Sims play with a puppy or learn to ride a horse, or stare at a snake for an hour, then this is the expansion pack for you. If you’re a casual player, there may not be enough here to warrant the purchase, nor will it particularly suck you in.

This review is mostly based on the Mac version with a bit on the Xbox 360 version.
 > “Review: The Sims 3: Pets (Mac & Console versions)” at Video Game Writers

The next one wasn’t written by a human — GamesRadar’s resident horse has rated it an “awesome” nine out of 10:

There’s really no other way to put it. The Sims 3: Pets is the best expansion released since the series first launched in 2009. Trust me. I’m a horse and I know what I’m talking about. Even non-horses will enjoy hearing their steed’s gentle clip-clops as you trot through Appaloosa Plains and explore it from the perspective of a pet.

The review contains three new screenshots which you can also view on the game page if you prefer (update of Saturday 29th October 2011).
 > “The Sims 3: Pets review” at GamesRadar
 > The Sims 3 Pets screenshots

The next one was written by a human — The Gamer Access has given it a rating of 8.0 out of 10:

My overall experience with Pets was outstanding. A week straight of it and I’m still going to be playing it avidly. Having played every expansion since the very first release in 2000, I am quite the addict. There are very few things I would change if I could; adding more items and clothing for the actual Sims is one, and maybe pet clothing? If you are a fan of the Sims, or ever wanted to digitally sniff someone, I do encourage you to pick up this expansion and start making your pet masterpieces today!

This review also contains new screenshots, five to be exact, which, again, you can also view on the game page if you prefer (update of Thursday 27th October 2011).
 > “The Sims Rains Cats, Dogs…and Unicorns with The Sims 3 Pets (Review)” at The Gamer Access
 > The Sims 3 Pets screenshots

New York Post brings us the final review, grading it A-:

That aside, Sims 3 Pets offers a plethora of new addictions to the already awesome Sims franchise. If you’re a Sims geek, I strongly suggest you ditch your friends, grab a copy of Sims 3 Pets and kiss the outdoors goodbye. You’ll be gone for a while.

  > “Sims 3 Pets: barking up the right tree” at New York Post

The Metascore at Metacritic has gone up one point since last issue to 79, based on nine reviews.
 > “The Sims 3: Pets” at Metacritic

I’m not just interested in what the critics think though — I also want to know what you think. If you’ve already played Pets and have an opinion on it, why not share it with the world? Click below, sign in with your Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, AIM, Netlog or OpenID account then type away, not forgetting to specify a star rating. In the off-chance you don’t have any of those accounts, why not create a Google account? You only need to specify your country, email address and date of birth.
 > Your The Sims 3 Pets reviews

New Poll: Did playing The Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet demo affect your decision to get the full expansion pack?

Yes, I've finally been able to start a new poll. This time, I want to know whether playing The Sims 3 Pets Create a Pet demo affected your decision to get the full expansion pack. Don’t think you can’t vote if you didn’t play it though — there’s an option for you too. Go vote now on the right of any page. Now!
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