Issue 98 Wednesday 21st December 2011

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Two new screenshots added to ”The Sims 3 / Expansion Packs / The Sims 3 Showtime” page

Previews tab enabled with first preview link on “The Sims 3 / Expansion Packs / The Sims 3 Showtime” page

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Another live broadcast has been announced, The Sims 3 sponsored the British Comedy Awards, a poll problem was fixed, and more

Master Suite Stuff Live Broadcast Announced

EA has announced a live broadcast for The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff. It will take place on Thursday 12th January at 10 am PST, which I think is 6 pm in the UK (GMT/UTC):

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff and to get up-close with Jennifer during the Q&A session where she’ll be answering questions from you! As a treat, we will be revealing never-before-seen Master Suite content and giving you a chance to score some random giveaways when you hashtag your tweets with #TS3MasterSuite!

It will be presented by producer Jennifer Lane, who was very good on the Town Life Stuff live broadcast. You can request an email reminder on the page.

Two New Showtime Screenshots Show Acrobatics

EA has released two new The Sims 3 Showtime screenshots, featuring Sims performing acrobatics. View them on the game page (update of Thursday 15th December 2011).
> The Sims 3 Showtime screenshots

See Britain’s Favourite Comedians As Sims

The Sims 3 sponsored the King or Queen of Comedy category at this year’s British Comedy awards, which took place last Friday. The winner of this award was chosen by the public, and EA has created a "parody" video featuring all the nominees as Sims:

A second video was released telling you how to vote, but please note the phone line has closed:

Current Poll Extended To 27th December; Forms Hopefully Fixed

I couldn’t close the poll as planned last week due to a lack of votes. For once, there actually appears to be a reason for this — the system the forms ran on has stopped working. So I’ve moved both forms to new systems which hopefully work. That means you should now be able to vote if you haven’t already done so — if you previously attempted to vote and saw a confirmation, your vote went through so you do not need to vote again. As long as I’ve received enough votes by then, the poll is now due to close on Tuesday 27th December, with the results revealed then.
 > Go to the website to vote

Showtime Producer Gives More Details

A producer of The Sims 3 Showtime has posted some more details on forums:

One of the new features we’re excited about in The Sims 3 Showtime is the capability of in-game messaging, so that you can communicate with your Simmer friends while you’re playing. If you prefer not to have this connected experience, then it’s easy enough to turn off this messaging.

We’re also adding a new achievement system where players can take on special challenges and as they accomplish each achievement, they will be awarded badges that will be shown off on their new player profile page.

> More details about Showtime! at

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