Issue 112A Monday 25th June 2012

"If it feels like it hasn't been that long since the last issue, that's because it hasn't. I've had to send another issue now in case you're interested in a newly-announced live chat taking place tomorrow -- see further down for details." That was a quote from last issue -- and it applies to this issue as well

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New preview link added to “The Sims 3 / Expansion Packs / The Sims 3 Supernatural” page

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Not much news, but then the last issue was only four days ago

Diesel Stuff Live Chat Announced For Tomorrow

EA has announced another live chat, this time for something you may have forgotten about — The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff:

Preview the hottest Diesel fashions and modern home furnishings for your Sims on June 26, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. PT [6 pm BST (GMT/UTC + 1)] with The Sims 3 Producers Ryan Vaughan and Graham Nardone! Style your Sims with the latest Diesel apparel, and furniture and get ready for successful living with The Sims 3™ Diesel Stuff Pack.

The tweet announcing the chat mentions that you’ll get a first look at a new trailer as part of the live broadcast. You can request an email reminder on the page.
> “The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack Live Chat” at Origin

Source: The Sims 3 on Twitter

The “Werewolf Developer” Discusses Werewolves (What Else?) In Supernatural

Jon Leslie, the “Werewolf Developer” on The Sims 3 Supernatural, has posted a blog entry on, discussing fairies. Not really, he discusses werewolves – obviously:

Although your werewolf can transform at will, there will be times were the wolf’s feral natural will take over and your transformation will be unavoidable. Of course this could happen at the worst times. Say your werewolf Sim is on a date and their mood becomes too low. Let’s see how your potential love interest responds to a sudden transformation at the bar. The new lunar cycle will also have an effect on your werewolf Sims. When the full moon rises in the night sky,there will be no stopping the feral beast within.

> “I Am A Werewolf Developer” at

Lucky Palms Live Chat Now Available To Watch On-Demand

If you missed the live chat about the latest town to be announced for The Sims 3 Store, Lucky Palms, then you can watch it below if you’re interested:

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Witches are one of the supernatural beings in The Sims 3 Supernatural, but which The Sims 2 expansion pack did they feature in (along with warlocks)?
The answer was Apartment Life

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