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Latest Seasons Reviews

The latest The Sims 3 Seasons review comes from IGN, who rated it a “Good” 7.5 out of 10:

Unlike most expansion packs for the Sims franchise, The  Sims 3 Seasons isn’t one that requires you to already be  a fan to understand and appreciate its changes to the  game. It’s a solid gateway expansion that builds on the  rules without overwhelming you, but still adds enough  variety that you’ll never want to play without it.

  > “The Sims 3 Seasons Review” at IGN

The Metascore at Metacritic remains at 75 (“Generally favorable reviews”) based on seven reviews. There are now enough reviews on GameRankings to report their Ranking, which stands at 76.60% based on five reviews.

Sources: “The Sims 3 Seasons” at Metacritic and “The Sims 3 Seasons” at GameRankings To Close 14th January

A message on confirms that the website will close on 14th January. If you still play The Sims 2, and think you might want to reinstall it, you should probably take a copy of the patches just in case. If there’s anything you’ve been considering getting from the Exchange, get it now before it’s too late.

Associate Producer Discusses 70s Items In 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff

Associate Producer Sarah Holding has posted a new blog entry on discussing 70s items in The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff:

The women have some equally great clothing options too. There is a t-shirt I love that has three stencils: a roller skate, a bicycle and a popsicle. I think it’s an awesome piece for child Sims. And, of course, there are bell bottoms! Not only are these flared legged pants a blast from the past but with their recent revival in today’s fashion, they work for modern looking Sims as well.

 > “The 1970's...a time of fab fashion, cool cats and disco!” at

Current Poll Extended To 25th December

I haven’t received enough votes to close the current poll, which asks whether you watch the live broadcasts, so I’ve extended it by two weeks to 25th December. If I’ve received enough votes by then, that’s now when you can expect results. If you haven’t voted yet, please do so now by clicking below -- you can also vote without explanation by using the form on the right.
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