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12) Do you hire a maid in The Sims games?

It's one of the first things my Sims do when they move in!:


When I think my Sims are earning enough money:


My Sims can clean after themselves thanks!:


I've never played a The Sims game:


I say to this: "I normally hire a maid when my Sims are earning a combined 500 simoleons or more. Same for the gardener, though I normally avoid plants so I don't have to put up with them, as they're pretty useless."

Ran from Saturday 14th July 2007 until Saturday 11th August 2007

Name They Chose They Said I Say
Garfield I've never played a The Sims game I'd rather go to an antiques fair!!!! I'm afraid I have to completely disagree with you - I'd rather play The Sims 2 than go to a terribly boring antiques fair.

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