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38) Have you downloaded The Sims 3 Create a World Tool Beta?



No, I'm waiting till it leaves beta:


No, I'm not interested:


No, I haven't got round to it yet:


Choice Explanations
Name They Chose They Said I Say
danny c***s No, I'm not interested i dont play gay games get a life play a proper game I'm not sure how The Sims 3 is "gay" - Sims in the game can be gay I suppose, but that's the player's choice. Anyway, I do play proper games (when I get the time at least), and I would count The Sims as one of them
mark gooch No, I'm not interested it will be s***, just like the rest of them.

CS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1

it is 733t

First name censored for inappropriate word. Second explanation censored for swearing

Ran from Saturday 9th January 2010 until Saturday 20th March 2010

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