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Gamereactor Interviews Showtime Producer Michael Cox

Gamereactor has posted an interview with The Sims 3 Showtime producer Michael Cox

Is there anything in particular that you’re pleased you managed to pull off with Showtime?

Gosh. A couple things come to mind right off the bat. The crowds. You saw the big concert at this big venue, and there was this massive crowd of Sims, taking photographs, cheering, interacting with the person on stage. To me that’s exciting. That’s something that we’ve wanted to see and do for a long time and it’s not easy to do that sort of thing. And we’re doing that now and I’m really excited to see that it adds so much more life. And it makes sense, if I’m going to be a superstar… What makes a superstar but lots of people coming out to check them out.

  > “The Sims 3: Showtime – Interview” at Gamereactor

Lunar Lakes Now Available, Find Out More In New Blog Posts

Lunar Lakes is now available to download from The Sims 3 Store at a sale price of 2200 SimPoints (price will be 2450 SimPoints from the 27th), but if you feel you need to know a bit more about the town, producer Sarah Holding has posted a blog entry introducing it (you can also check out the Live Chat further down if you missed it):

Lunar Lakes is by far one of the most unique worlds we have crafted so far in The Sims 3. We very much wanted this world to feel different, yet at the same time, remain true to the core gameplay of The Sims 3. While we can’t change everything (taxis are still taxis, and if you have The Sims 3 Pets installed, then wild horses will be roaming the lunar terrain!) we did make some pretty major changes to alter the feel of the world. We felt our normal rabbitholes would look out of place in Lunar Lakes, so we created portals that hint at subterranean dwellings.

  > “Experience an All-New World – Explore the Wonders of Lunar Lakes Today!” at
 > “Introduction to Lunar Lakes” at

There’s also a couple of blog entries in which members of the world building team discuss their work on the town. First, Donna Bennett and Mike True, who modelled the space ship and designed the lots respectively:

The steps for creating the model was to first build the spacecraft intact and upright. We then rotated it and finally decided to twist the hull slightly. We then slowly started picking away at it so it looked destroyed. Most of our time was spent creating holes, making flaked away panels and adding “new” lights to the cavities. One of the most challenging areas of working on this model was adding the level of detail to the edges of the holes to make The Perigee look destroyed, yet repaired and re-inhabited.

  > “Lunar Lakes – Interview with the World Building team” at

The second entry features Sam Breach, the lead artist overseeing Sim creation:

We wanted to honor the fact that many of the fearless space adventurers in Lunar Lakes are the brave descendants of Sims who our players already know and admire. The artists on The Sims 3 world-building team love no family more than the Bayless family from Twinbrook. We were overjoyed to be granted our wish of including a Bayless relative in this world. His name is Stefen and he lives with his sweet-natured, flame-haired girlfriend, Anais. Because they live off the grid a little, I imagined her wardrobe as having been created from a natural patchwork of fibers and found materials that contribute to her slightly haphazard, distressed style of clothing.

  > “Lunar Lakes – Interview with the “Sim creation” World Builder” at

Hidden Springs Now Available At Retail

Just in time for the launch of Lunar Lakes, the previous town made available to purchase from The Sims 3 Store, Hidden Springs, is now also available in a box at retail stores in North America and Europe. Well, the press release says it’s out in Europe now, but in trying to find out whether there’s just a The Sims 3 Store code in the box (there is), I found that GAME has it down for release on 9th March. Is the press release jumping the gun? If you can wait ’til then (if you’ve waited this long I would have thought so), you’ll save about £2 buying it from GAME rather than directly from The Sims 3 Store (it’s £9.99 from GAME, while it costs 2000 SimPoints at The Sims 3 Store with that number of SimPoints costing £12).
 > “The Sims 3 Hidden Springs” at Gamasutra (press release)
 > “The Sims 3: Hidden Springs” at GAME

Lunar Lakes Live Chat Now Available To Watch On-Demand

If you missed it, but do want to watch it, The Sims 3 Lunar Lakes live chat is now available to watch on-demand:

DualShockers Gets A Showtime Interview

DualShockers has posted a video interview with The Sims 3 Showtime assistant producer Megan Myers:

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