Grant Rodiek Reveals New Late Night Details On Twitter

Grant Rodiek revealed some new details about The Sims 3 Late Night when he took over the official Twitter account for The Sims 3 last week. Let’s go through the replies I thought revealed new information (there’s also a bit of Fast Lane Stuff information at the end of this post):

  • There’s a new fountain tool (response only – question has been removed): “@Doodlesam54321 Hard to explain the fountain tool via twitter. It’s a flexible way to make really cool fountains. It’s pretty amazing.” (Source)
  • Disappointing for me at least is confirmation that the subway is a rabbit hole – still, at least it’s more than just decorative: “@TheSims3 Are there any new rabbit holes coming in Late Night? Which??” “@Gurra09 Film Studio. Subway.” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • Talking of the subway, be weary when using it – you could get mugged!: “@TheSims3 How fast is the subway as a transportation system? Does it cost money, or is it free?” “@Gurra09 The subway is free UNLESS you get mugged. But…that doesn’t happen THAT often. It’s faster than driving.” (Sources: Question, Response)

  • Teens can be celebrities, but only if one of their parents are too: “@TheSims3 If a celeb sim has kids, are the kids instant celebs, or will they have to work for it?” “@XxSarahLanexX There’s a new Teen Celebrity part time job only available to children of celebs :)” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • A breast slider (women only) and muscle slider (both genders) have been added to Create a Sim: “@TheSims3 what’s new in ‘create a sim’?” “@redlee_ New outfits, new hair, and the breast slider (for women) and new muscle slider for both genders.” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • Lifts return!: “@TheSims3 will there be elevators?! Please answer!!” “@eduardog3000 Yes!” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • Pools can now be built on any floor – presumably taking up the floor below too, otherwise there’ll be some problems…: “@TheSims3 I was wondering if we will have new objetcs or interations for the pools!” “@JoaoxLucas The pools have huge updates. You can now build them on any floor (so, top floor of a penthouse!) and they are curved.” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • The butler’s returned (response only – question has been removed): “@krJU No, but you CAN hire a butler. I love asking him for advice :)” (Source)
  • Half walls are back (response only – question has been removed): “@__Diddle Half walls, building inside shell buildings…there is a LOT of build/buy stuff.” (Source)
  • Vampires age very slowly: “@TheSims3 can the vampires ages? how long if i [change] it to epic when my vampire sims is young adult?” “@indrabaru1 Vampires will age, but VERY slowly. Vampires will remain young adults and adults for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time.” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • They can read minds too: “@thesims3 what special powers do vampires have?” “@prosperousacres They can read minds, hunt others, and become super powerful very quickly.” (Sources: Question, Response)
  • There’s an FX machine that Grant thinks is somewhat good: “@TheSims3 In the trailers there is a Bubble blower, are there any other cool effects such as foam & glitter?” “@knazzer Yes! The FX machine is AWESOME. It shoots snow, fire, glitter, bubbles…oh man it is so cool.” (Sources: Question, Response)

There’s also one thing about Fast Lane Stuff:

  • There’s around 12 cars included: “@TheSims3 How many new cars come with Fast Lane? and are there more with Late Night?” “@Skyline7284 There are a lot of vehicles with fast lane. Maybe 12? I cannot remember the exact number.” (Sources: Question, Response)

If you want to read all of Grant’s replies, you can find them on @TheSims3’s Favorites page:
 > TheSims3’s Favorites on Twitter


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