The Sims Was Inspired By Sim Ant – Will Wright

According to Joystiq, Will Wright has said that a previous game of his, Sim Ant, was a key inspiration for The Sims, and the basis of its gameplay:

“We decided to program Sim Ant as close to how real ants work as we could, which means that they’re actually responding to pheromone trails, and the intelligence is distributed environmentally,” Wright recalled when asked how The Sims came about. “We were able to get very complex behavior out of the ants just using these pheromone distributions. So I started to wonder how much of human behavior I could simulate the same way.” As it turns out, a lot.

 > “Will Wright explains what The Sims and an ant colony have in common” at Joystiq


Wednesday 10th November 2010 | 6:11 pm UK time
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