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Gamers Daily News Lists Some Generations Features

Friday 29th April 2011 | 5:55 pm UK time | Categories
Gamers Daily News has posted a bulleted list of some of the new features in The Sims 3 Generations, including imaginary friends, tree houses, the costume chest, strollers, new toys and playground equipment, and memories:
  • Adults now have the ability to cart their Toddlers and Babies around in

    • Found in Buy mode, you can purchase two different Strollers: The Twinbrook
      Roller and the Air-Strol LX
    • Adults can store Strollers in their inventory and will automatically choose
      to push Toddlers or Babies in them during situations in which they would usually
      carry them.

> “Generations Lets You Be a Kid in Sims 3” at Gamers Daily News

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New Generations Screenshot Shows Futuristic Spiral Staircase, Bed, More

Thursday 28th April 2011 | 1:12 pm UK time | Categories
EA has posted a new The Sims 3 Generations screenshot on their The Sims 3 Facebook page:
The Sims 3 Generations screenshot

Wait a minute… is that bed… floating!?

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IGN Looks At Childhood In Latest Generations Preview

Wednesday 27th April 2011 | 9:14 pm UK time | Categories

IGN has posted a new The Sims 3 Generations preview focusing on childhood:

There are also new costume trunks, where kids can dress up as a T-rex, an astronaut or a prince or princess, plus tons of new outdoor equipment, including two new sandboxes, two hopscotch courts, and a bunch of new playground equipment like slides and swings.

> “The Sims 3: Generations Reverts to Childhood” at IGN

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Generations: Digital Spy Interviews Graham Nardone

Thursday 21st April 2011 | 6:22 pm UK time | Categories

Digital Spy has posted an interview with The Sims 3 Generations producer Graham Nardone, who discusses events, skills, the video cameras and more:

Will the events be available from existing Sims 3 save states?
“So if you’ve been playing The Sims 3, whether it’s the base game or some of the expansions, when you purchase Generations all this will automatically integrate into whatever you’ve been doing. It’s not like you’ll need to start a new game – you can play with the Sims that you’ve already created. A lot of our players get really passionate and involved in their save games, and they’ve built these big families that already have generations of Sims, and now they’ll be able to explore that even further.”

> “Graham Nardone (‘Sims 3: Generations’)” at Digital Spy

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EA Parodies The Royal Wedding In New Generations Trailer

Thursday 21st April 2011 | 4:49 pm UK time | Categories

EA UK has posted a new The Sims 3 Generations trailer parodying the upcoming Royal Wedding:

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Girl Gamers UK And PC Gamer Post Their Own Generations Previews

Wednesday 20th April 2011 | 3:19 pm UK time | Categories

Tree house in The Sims 3 GenerationsGirl Gamers UK has posted their first impressions of The Sims 3 Generations, which has some new information:

Being a baby-sitter is not the easiest of jobs, because while you’re trying to juggle day to day life and your own needs, you’ll have babies crawling all over the floor, having screaming matches at each other and having tantrums when they aren’t given a toy. No wonder I stayed in the shower for so long. At the end of the day, the parents come and collect their children, you’ll get paid and everybody’s happy.

The article contains another three new screenshots, which you can of course also view on the Screenshots tab.
> “The Sims 3 Generations – First Impressions” at Girl Gamers UK
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

PC Gamer has posted a preview too:

For aged Sims, you can now create the stereotypical cranky old person with the introduction of the cane. Yes, now your Sim can shake their cane at younger generations and nobody can stop you. Be old, hate the youth, and become a Scooby-Doo villain (EA, can you add that as DLC? I think Hanna-Barbera would be up for it.)

> “Sims 3: Generations preview” at PC Gamer

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IGN Goes Crazy In Generations Preview

Wednesday 20th April 2011 | 1:34 pm UK time | Categories

The Sims 3 Generations screenshotIGN has posted two new articles about The Sims 3 Generations. The first covers the basics and includes three new screenshots which you can also view over on the Screenshots tab:

Time for a little weird science
The new chemistry skill allows you to make stink bombs for practical jokes, execute the ninja vanish trick, and even bring an imaginary friend to life.

> “The Sims 3: Generations: The Basics” at IGN
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

The second is a hands-on preview which goes into a bit more detail about the pranks and the imaginary friend, among other things:

Adults can have more lavish weddings, complete with the bachelor and bachelorette parties. If that party goes extremely well, it could conceivably end with a woo-hoo in the shower, another new and apparently much-requested addition.

> “Getting Crazy in The Sims 3: Generations” at IGN

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New Generations Screenshots Show Water Sliding, Pillow Fighting, More

Tuesday 19th April 2011 | 5:18 pm UK time | Categories

EA UK has posted some new The Sims 3 Generations screenshots on their Facebook page for the game, showing such things as a Sim on a water slide thing, Sims having a pillow fight and a Sim having a walk though a park with their toddler in a pram.

The Sims 3 Generations screenshot The Sims 3 Generations screenshot The Sims 3 Generations screenshot

> View them full size on the Screenshots tab

Source: “The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack – Screenshots” at The Sims 3 (UK) on Facebook

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Generations: Gameplanet Interviews Producer, Posts New Screenshots

Tuesday 12th April 2011 | 4:01 pm UK time | Categories

The Sims 3 Generations screenshotGameplanet has posted an interview with The Sims 3 Generations producer Ryan Vaughan:

GP:Many fans have been hoping for seasonal/weather effects and pets for the next Sims expansion. Will these be included in Generations? If not, why not?

Vaughan: The Sims 3 Generations focuses on the Sims themselves; who they are and how they interact with each other at different ages. For example, we really wanted the Child age of Sims to be about imagination and make believe; the things that are going on inside their mind, and not necessarily the outside world. Each life phase is defined by how Sims are feeling internally.

The article includes two new screenshots, which you can also view on the Screenshots tab if you prefer.
> “The Sims Generations: Interview with Ryan Vaughan” at Gameplanet
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

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GamesRadar’s Generations First-Look Comes With New Screenshots

Wednesday 6th April 2011 | 10:40 pm UK time | Categories

The Sims 3 Generations screenshotGamesRadar has posted their first-look preview of The Sims 3 Generations:

Starting from childhood, there’s more stuff for kids to do. They can have bunk beds for the first time, and you now have gear like sleeping bags so children can sleep outside in their backyard and tell ghost stories. Their toy boxes have been expanded too, with costumes so kids can play dress up, pretty-pretty princess-style. And if your Sim is brimming with imagination, you can even create an imaginary friend for him or her, that acts like a regular Sim from the child’s point of view, but is invisible to other Sims.

There’s two new screenshots in the article, which you can also view over on the Screenshots tab if you prefer.
> “The Sims 3: Generations – first-look preview” at GamesRadar
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

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