News Posts Categorised ‘The Sims 2’ To Close 14th January

Saturday 15th December 2012 | 8:08 pm UK time | Categories

A message on confirms that the website will close on 14th January. If you still play The Sims 2, and think you might want to reinstall it, you should probably take a copy of the patches just in case. If there’s anything you’ve been considering getting from the Exchange, get it now before it’s too late.

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The Sims Official Magazine Now Available To View In Web Browsers (Updated)

Wednesday 31st October 2012 | 12:27 pm UK time | Categories

If you don’t have an Android tablet or iPad, The Sims Official Magazine is now available to view in web browsers.
> The Sims Official Magazine

Update: Here’s a new trailer:

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The Sims Official Magazine Now Available On iPads And Android Tablets

Tuesday 23rd October 2012 | 5:27 pm UK time | Categories

The Sims Official Magazine, announced during the Maxis Live Broadcast, is now available to download for free for iPads and Android tablets:

If you’re a fan of The Sims looking to go deeper into the world surrounding your favorite game franchise, look no further than The Sims Official Magazine! This free and fully interactive digital magazine will offer you exclusive tips and tricks for decking out your Sims’ worlds, from remodeling  homes to snagging the hottest gear and styling your Sims with the coolest fashions and more.

Here’s a video showing it off:

You can get from the iTunes App Store or Google Play by clicking the buttons on the website:
> The Sims Official Magazine

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Poll Results: Do you still regularly play The Sims 2? Or even 1?

Tuesday 3rd July 2012 | 3:14 pm UK time | Categories

The results are in and it seems a lot of you only play The Sims 2 — about 26% to be more specific. But the next most popular answer was only playing The Sims 3 — about 17% for that one. Click below to have a gander at the full results, then return here to comment on them.
> Poll Results

The Sims 3 Supernatural was announced recently, with it allowing players to create one of four different types of supernatural Sim directly from the Create-a-Sim — but which one are you most looking forward to creating? That’s the question in this month’s poll. Vote to the right of any page, and if you have a particular reason for your choice that you’d like to share, vote with explanation. If I’ve received enough votes by then, the poll will end on Tuesday 7th August with the results revealed then.

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The Sims 2 Store Closing 31st March

Wednesday 16th February 2011 | 9:43 pm UK time | Categories

The Sims 2 Store, EA’s concept trial that led to The Sims 3 Store, never left beta and was never made available outside the US and Canada, is to close on 31st March, EA has announced. Items purchased will no longer be downloadable after that date. SimPoints can be purchased up until 9th March, and can also apparently be spent at The Sims 3 Store if you use the same EA account for both. Click below for more details.
 > “The Sims 2 Store will be Closing March 31” at

Did you ever use The Sims 2 Store? Will you miss it? Leave a comment below!

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