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New The Sims 3 Game Update Adds Dumpster Diving, Stops Blueprint Crashes, More

Thursday 21st February 2013 | 9:05 pm UK time | Categories

A The Sims 3 game update has been released, fixing a large number of bugs, as well as adding some new items:

Free Sims 3 Base Game Content

  • Sims can now dumpster dive from the Commercial Dumpster pre-placed in Sunset Valley and find cool items including furniture and collectables!
  • New air conditioning units and electrical box decorative objects.
  • New Terrain Paint for Build Mode.
  • A new traffic light for Create a World.

See the full list of fixes, and the checklist of things to do before updating, by clicking below — you’ll need to switch to English > United States via the flag at the top if you can’t see the post (“Game update 1.50”).
“News:February 2013” at

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GamesRadar Lists Their 19 Favourite Woohoo Spots In The Sims 3

Tuesday 17th April 2012 | 8:39 pm UK time | Categories

As part of their week of love, GamesRadar has listed their top 19 favourite places to woohoo in The Sims 3:

The Sims series has come a long way since the tame days of the first game in the series. Those no-fun prudes would barely go near each other unless it involved making a baby. Things loosened up when the concept of WooHooing was introduced in The Sims 2, and with The Sims 3 and its six expansions, Sims are presented with over a dozen zany places to get it on.

> “Sims WooHoo spots – Our 19 favorite places to love our fellow Sim” at GamesRadar

As mentioned in the introduction to that article, The Sims 3 also featured in their top 7 “game characters we (seriously) fell in love with” with “Your neighbor in The Sims” at number 4:

It started off plainly enough: our neighbor came over for a housewarming party once we moved in, and we told them a few jokes. But then they came over again and the jokes became flirts. And then the flirts became more flirts. And then they slapped us, but then the jokes became more flirts. Cut to a few months later and we were married, pumping out kids like no one’s business.

Read the rest of the entry on page 5:
> “The Top 7… Game characters we (seriously) fell in love with” at GamesRadar

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New The Sims 3 Game Update Fixes Loads And Loads of Generations Issues, Plus More

Tuesday 26th July 2011 | 1:32 pm UK time | Categories

A new The Sims 3 game update has been released, which fixes loads and loads of issues with Generations, as well as some issues with Late Night, World Adventures, Ambitions and the base game. There’s too many to list here, so click below to go to the page for it — don’t forget to run through the all-important checklist at the bottom before updating!
“Game Update for 1.24” at (UK)

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Generations Reviews Wrap-Up

Tuesday 5th July 2011 | 6:10 pm UK time | Categories

It’s been about a month since The Sims 3 Generations was released, and reviews seem to have dried up, so I think now is a good time to wrap-up my reviews coverage. In case you’ve forgotten previous times, this means comparing the pretty-much-final Ranking at GameRankings and Metascore at Metacritic with those attained by previous expansion packs and the base game.

GameRankings first, and the Ranking stands at 76.20% based on 10 reviews. This is slightly higher than Ambitions which got 75.19%, but lower than World Adventures and Late Night, which got 82.74% and 81.50% respectively. As with all the other expansion packs so far, this is lower than the base game which got 86.65%. Comparing to The Sims 2 expansion packs now, and Generations has a higher Ranking than Nightlife, Bon Voyage and FreeTime, but lower Rankings than all the others.

Metacritic now, and the Metascore currently stands at 71 based on 14 reviews. This is a lower ‘score than that attained by any previous expansion pack, which range from 74 to 81. Again, no expansion packs have managed to top the base game’s ‘score, and Generations is no exception. You know I just said than it attained a lower ‘score than any previous expansion pack? Well I can actually include The Sims 2 expansion packs in that too, as they range from 74 to 81 (the same as the range for The Sims 3 expansions before Generations, interestingly). So according to Metacritic, this is the worst expansion for a The Sims game since The Sims 2 (i.e. excluding expansion packs for The Sims 1). Oh dear.

For the specific Metascores and Rankings for everything mentioned, click Read more below or scroll down a bit if you’re already on the full page.

So that concludes my reviews coverage. I won’t post news about any reviews I may find in future, but they will still be added to the game page, with that update of course included on the Updates page. I’m still after you’re reviews though! If you have an opinion on Generations, click the link below, login with your Google, Yahoo!, AIM, Twitter, OpenID or NetLog account if you haven’t already, then type away.
> The Sims 3 Generations Visitor Reviews

Read more…

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The Sims 3 Game Update Adds Memories, Dates, Catalog Filter, Body Hair, More

Thursday 9th June 2011 | 12:33 pm UK time | Categories

I’ve just found details of the latest The Sims 3 game update, though I think it may have been released over a week ago. Here’s the details:

Base Game Updates

  • You can now collect Memories of significant moments in your Sims’ lives in the new Scrapbook. Custom Memories can also be created using the Capture This Moment tool. All Memories can be uploaded and shared on and Facebook!
  • You can now adjust the lifespan length for each individual phase of life that a Sim goes through via the Options menu.
  • Live Mode
    • Sims can now ask other Sims out on dates!
    • Sims will now be given a Romantic Reputation based on their social interactions in the local dating scene.
  • Create a Sim
    • Body hair can now be applied on male Sims, from head to toe!
  • Build/Buy Mode
    • Players can now use the Catalog Filter in Build and Buy Mode to sort Content from different installed Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs, as well as content from The Sims 3 Store.

There’s also updates for the World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night and Generations expansion packs with “Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features”. Click below to go to the news article where you can find that update checklist, unless of course you’ve already installed the updates, in which case it’s too late.
> News at (UK)

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Generations: New Mysterious Mr. Gnome Features Detailed, Plus New Screenshots And Launch Trailer

Friday 27th May 2011 | 11:00 pm UK time | Categories

EA has posted details of a new aging and family system for The Mysterious Mr. Gnome, that they are introducing in The Sims 3 Generations:

In The Sims 3 Generations, you can now have a gnome family! The Mysterious Mr. Gnome you know and love from base game will age through the life cycles just like the Sims. Leave two of these magical gnomes in your Sims’ homes or have them hang around a wedding and you just might see a new magical addition! Each of the different gnome age ranges has new poses and appearances, and they each prefer to appear near different objects that are suitable to them.

Toddler Gnome – Gnomes are already small, but these magical toddlers are tiny!
Child Gnome – These playful little gnomes are just a little bigger than toddlers.
Teen Gnome – These teenaged gnomes have the look of youth and rebellious teen spirit!
Elder Gnome – Gnomes past their primes, but still just as magical.

Source: Photo at The Sims 3 on Facebook

Also, EA UK has posted the launch trailer for the game, which you can watch below, and four new screenshots, which you can view on the Screenshots tab:
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

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Miss The Generations Live Broadcast? Watch It Now On-Demand

Tuesday 24th May 2011 | 12:12 am UK time | Categories

Still from the The Sims 3 Generations Live Broadcast showing Graham Nardone and Ryan VaughanAn archive video of the “Chat Walkthrough and Q&A With The Sims 3 Generations Team” is now available so if you missed the live broadcast you can watch it now. The video includes the previously released Producer Video at the beginning – if you don’t want to watch that again, skip to 2:15.
> “The Sims 3 Generations: Live Broadcast” at EA

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Chat Live With Generations Producers Next Friday

Friday 13th May 2011 | 10:26 pm UK time | Categories

EA has announced “a special EA Live Broadcast” in which The Sims 3 Generations producers Ryan Vaughan and Graham Nardone will “walk you through the latest expansion pack and answer your questions”. It will take place next Friday (20th May) at 1:30 pm Pacific Time, which is 4:30 pm Eastern time and looks to be 9:30 pm UK time. If you go to the page now you can set up an email reminder.
> “Chat Live With The Sims 3 Generations Team” at EA

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Generations: Another New Screenshot And US Box Art

Wednesday 6th April 2011 | 3:17 am UK time | Categories

EA has posted another new The Sims 3 Generations screenshot on their The Sims 3 Facebook profile – this one shows Sims doing science:

The Sims 3 Generations screenshot

Source: The Sims 3 on Facebook

They’ve also posted the US box art – if you clicked through to that Swedish website I reported on last night, it’s the same as the one you saw there, except for the English version of the logo.
> “The Sims 3 Generations – Live Every Age to the Fullest!” at The Sims 3 on Facebook

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Generations: US Trailer Reveals Release Date, Plus New Screenshot Released

Tuesday 5th April 2011 | 7:33 pm UK time | Categories

EA has now posted the US version of the The Sims 3 Generations trailer on YouTube, and it’s the same as the UK version posted earlier except for one thing: it gives a specific release date of 31st May (the UK version just says “June”). Presumably that means it’ll be released in the UK right at the beginning of June as there’s normally less than a week between the US and UK launches.

Source: “The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack Trailer” at YouTube

EA has also posted another screenshot of the expansion, which you can view right here:

The Sims 3 Generations screenshot

Source: The Sims 3’s Photos on Facebook

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