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Latest Generations Reviews: GamesRadar

Sunday 19th June 2011 | 8:30 pm UK time | Categories

GamesRadar brings us the latest The Sims 3 Generations review, rating it a “decent” six out of 10:

But what’s there doesn’t always feel like enough to justify this full price of an expansion pack, especially when so much has been added in past products. Unless you’re desperate to add a little life to your sims’ youth, you might be able to pass on this one.

The review contains five new screenshots, which you can also view over on the game page if you prefer.
> “The Sims 3 Generations expansion review” at GamesRadar
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

The Metascore on Metacritic has gone up a point to 70 (“Mixed or average reviews”) based on seven reviews while The Ranking on GameRankings remains the same (76.00% based on five reviews).

Sources: The Sims 3 Generations at Metacritic and The Sims 3 Generations at GameRankings

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Latest Generations Reviews: GamePro, Impulse Gamer

Tuesday 14th June 2011 | 3:45 pm UK time | Categories

Two new The Sims 3 Generations reviews for you today — the first one comes from GamePro who gave it three stars out of five:

It’s not the best of The Sims 3’s expansions by a long shot, and compared to the other packs seems quite expensive for what it is — but fans of the series will enjoy the deeper experience it offers.

The review includes three new screenshots which you can view on the game page if you prefer.
> “Review: The Sims 3: Generations (PC)” at GamePro
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

Impulse Gamer brings us the second review, and they specify a rating of 8.0 out of 10:

After completed The Sims 3: Generations a few times, I’m still amazed at the
number of antics your Sims can get involved in. Best of all, it crosses all
generations well so not only does it increase the scope of the Sims quite
considerably, it makes a good game ever better.

> The Sims 3 Generations review at Impulse Gamer

Metacritic and GameRankings both finally have enough reviews for there to be any point updating you on them. The Metascore at Metacritic currently stands at 69 based on six reviews, while The Ranking at GameRankings is currently 76.00% based on five reviews.

Sources: The Sims 3 Generations at Metacritic and The Sims 3 Generations at GameRankings

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Latest Generations Reviews: Hooked Gamers, You?

Saturday 11th June 2011 | 4:06 pm UK time | Categories

Another review of The Sims 3 Generations has finally come in — this one from Hooked Gamers who gave it 8.0 out of 10:

To answer my original question: as a stand-alone expansion, The Sims 3: Generations leaves much to be desired. After playing it, I found myself wondering what is keeping EA from releasing the Pets, University and Open For Business expansions and that’s never a good thing.

> The Sims 3 Generations review at Hooked Gamers

It’s been more than a week since it was released, so now it’s time to open reviews up to you! If you’ve played Generations and have an opinion on it, why not tell the world by posting your own review? You can log in using an existing Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, AIM, Netlog or OpenID account, but if on the off-chance you don’t have any of those, you can create a Google account without supplying anything more than an email address and date of birth. Feel free to make the review as long or as short as you like — just “It’s well good!” or “It’s really dire” would do — but make sure you specify a star rating.
> The Sims 3 Generations Visitor Reviews

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The Sims 3 Game Update Adds Memories, Dates, Catalog Filter, Body Hair, More

Thursday 9th June 2011 | 12:33 pm UK time | Categories

I’ve just found details of the latest The Sims 3 game update, though I think it may have been released over a week ago. Here’s the details:

Base Game Updates

  • You can now collect Memories of significant moments in your Sims’ lives in the new Scrapbook. Custom Memories can also be created using the Capture This Moment tool. All Memories can be uploaded and shared on and Facebook!
  • You can now adjust the lifespan length for each individual phase of life that a Sim goes through via the Options menu.
  • Live Mode
    • Sims can now ask other Sims out on dates!
    • Sims will now be given a Romantic Reputation based on their social interactions in the local dating scene.
  • Create a Sim
    • Body hair can now be applied on male Sims, from head to toe!
  • Build/Buy Mode
    • Players can now use the Catalog Filter in Build and Buy Mode to sort Content from different installed Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs, as well as content from The Sims 3 Store.

There’s also updates for the World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night and Generations expansion packs with “Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features”. Click below to go to the news article where you can find that update checklist, unless of course you’ve already installed the updates, in which case it’s too late.
> News at (UK)

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Latest Generations Reviews: IGN

Wednesday 1st June 2011 | 1:34 pm UK time | Categories

Today’s The Sims 3 Generations review comes curtsey of IGN, who rated it a “Good” 7.0 out of 10:

The majority of the new features introduced in The Sims 3: Generations are enjoyable enough to fiddle with, but none of them are major game changers.

> “The Sims 3: Generations Review” at IGN

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EA Parodies The Hangover In New The Sims 3 Video

Wednesday 1st June 2011 | 12:40 pm UK time | Categories

EA has posted a new video parodying The Hangover:

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First Generations Review:

Tuesday 31st May 2011 | 4:35 pm UK time | Categories

The first review (that I’ve found) of The Sims 3 Generations has been posted online, and it’s very positive: has rated it an “Excellent” 9.0 out of 10:

It brings new humour, new methods of interaction, and a much more fleshed-out portrayal of personality for your Sims. In fact, it can be argued that this is the desert-island expansion pack; the pack you’d choose if you could only pick one. If you own the Sims 3 you need to buy Generations.

> The Sims 3 Generations review at

Thus begins my reviews coverage: as usual, every day for the next month or so I’ll post one news post about any that I’ve found (no new reviews, no news post) – reviews will however be posted immediately to the Reviews tab with that update of course noted on the Updates page, just in case that’s not quick or frequent enough for you.
> The Sims 3 Generations reviews
> Updates

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Generations: New Mysterious Mr. Gnome Features Detailed, Plus New Screenshots And Launch Trailer

Friday 27th May 2011 | 11:00 pm UK time | Categories

EA has posted details of a new aging and family system for The Mysterious Mr. Gnome, that they are introducing in The Sims 3 Generations:

In The Sims 3 Generations, you can now have a gnome family! The Mysterious Mr. Gnome you know and love from base game will age through the life cycles just like the Sims. Leave two of these magical gnomes in your Sims’ homes or have them hang around a wedding and you just might see a new magical addition! Each of the different gnome age ranges has new poses and appearances, and they each prefer to appear near different objects that are suitable to them.

Toddler Gnome – Gnomes are already small, but these magical toddlers are tiny!
Child Gnome – These playful little gnomes are just a little bigger than toddlers.
Teen Gnome – These teenaged gnomes have the look of youth and rebellious teen spirit!
Elder Gnome – Gnomes past their primes, but still just as magical.

Source: Photo at The Sims 3 on Facebook

Also, EA UK has posted the launch trailer for the game, which you can watch below, and four new screenshots, which you can view on the Screenshots tab:
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

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Miss The Generations Live Broadcast? Watch It Now On-Demand

Tuesday 24th May 2011 | 12:12 am UK time | Categories

Still from the The Sims 3 Generations Live Broadcast showing Graham Nardone and Ryan VaughanAn archive video of the “Chat Walkthrough and Q&A With The Sims 3 Generations Team” is now available so if you missed the live broadcast you can watch it now. The video includes the previously released Producer Video at the beginning – if you don’t want to watch that again, skip to 2:15.
> “The Sims 3 Generations: Live Broadcast” at EA

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Pranks, Punishments And Proms Focused On In New Generations Feature

Friday 20th May 2011 | 8:59 pm UK time | Categories

EA UK has posted another The Sims 3 Generations feature on their The Sims 3 Facebook page, this one focusing on pranks, punishments and proms:

Do you have unruly young Sims who seem to always cause trouble? Is it time for your Sim’s parents to take control? Well, those rebellious Sims can now be punished for all the headaches and heartache they cause at home and around the neighbourhood. Fighting with their siblings, missing school, and pulling pranks are just a few of the things that can get a young Sim in trouble.

> “The Sims 3 Generations – Pranks, Punishments and Proms!” at The Sims 3 (UK) on Facebook

There’s also three new screenshots, which you can view over on the Screenshots tab after the ones added earlier.
> The Sims 3 Generations screenshots

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