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This Is The End

Sunday 21st April 2013 | 8:12 pm UK time | Categories

After more than nine years, this is the end of me covering The Sims games on the internet — Danny’s The Sims Website will no longer be updated. Tomorrow I start a new full time job — keeping this website up-to-date will make it even more of a struggle than it already will be to do everything I want to do. If there is anyone out there who’s been following my news updates, I’m sorry about this, and hope you find an alternative source for your news fix.

Thank you for your understanding
Danny Cox

  • The poll will remain open indefinitely — I’ve enabled it so you can view the current results at any time.

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New News System!

Tuesday 23rd March 2010 | 12:57 am UK time | Categories

In order to make it easier for everyone, the news has been moved over to WordPress. Here’s some reasons why this is great:

Benefits for you:

  • Posts can now be commented on without logging in and with extra formatting
  • Posts can now be linked to directly as they all have their own page (this is especially helpful for those accessing the news via the RSS feed or Twitter)
  • The home page will probably load quicker
  • All the news in certain categories, for example “The Sims 3 Ambitions”, can be found easily

Benefits for me:

  • Easier to add posts
  • Can post news from anywhere (rather than just from home)
  • News is automatically archived

There are, however, a couple of downers:

  • Windows Live Alerts support has been discontinued. If you wish to get the news via email, please subscribe to the email service or the News Email
  • If you actually wanted to use your Google Friend Connect log in to comment, you can’t – sorry

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